Maple Sugarbush Hiking Trail

MAPLE SUGARBUSH HIKING TRAILThis hiking trail through our maple sugarbush is a unique opportunity for the general public to see the vast collection system that connects thousands of trees via a network of food-grade tubing transporting maple sap to our sugarhouse for processing. The final result is the yummy maple syrup and maple value added products you can find in our maple shop.

Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm has been very blessed and we wish to give back in some way to the community that we live in. In lieu of a fee for the use of our hiking trail we ask if you could make a donation of a non-perishable food. These goods will be donated to “The Table Soup Kitchen” in Huntsville, Ontario. Some examples of donations needed are canned meat, fish or soups, peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts, canned fruit and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, toilet paper, pet food. If you are unable to provide a non-perishable food we will accept a cash donation and purchase food items as needed from your donation.

MAPLE SUGARBUSH HIKING TRAILThe Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm team considers SBH as a “Community Sugarhouse” and we say thank-you to all of you who support this endeavour. Our blessing is in the giving.

No offering is too small and all donations are very appreciated.

Sugarbush Hiking Trail is 1.2 km, difficulty is easy to moderate, takes about 25-30 minutes. Please follow the instructions posted at the beginning of the trail and take a photo of the sign. We adhere to the “Leave No Trace” principles. Leave no garbage and take everything out that you brought in. No food is allowed

It is suggested that you wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Have proper footwear, there are a few wetter areas. Have your insect repellant available during the months of June-August