Sugarhouse Energy Efficiency

Sustainability-Sugarhouse-Energy-Efficiency-Pic-(1)Energy is valuable and we shouldn’t waste it.

Our LIGHTING in the entire building is either fluorescent or LED.

There is only one time to do a good job on INSULATION and that’s the first time. Our living quarters have been insulated with a combination of spray foam and blown-in-blankets. Walls are R-29 and the ceilings R-40.

All our WINDOWS are energy efficient (energy star). The large south-facing windows of the evaporator room and the plexi-glassed sides of our cupola above it allow for lots of light during the day greatly reducing our electrical needs during that time.

With the long term building and occupant health in mind our living quarter section was built without any drywall, wall-to-wall carpeting or central air conditioning. Heating is with a strategically positioned modern wood stove with centrally controlled electronic baseboards as a backup.