Sugarbush Management and Our One Tap Policy

One-Tap-Policy-(1)Properly managed maple trees can remain productive for over one hundred years. At Sugarbush Hill we follow a pre-determined tapping pattern to maximize sap production without damaging the tree. Some have said that a tree giving sap is very similar to a human being giving blood.

We use 5/16th spouts that are sometimes also called a “health spout”. The smaller tap-hole allows for less damage to the tree and a quicker healing period without sacrificing sap yield.

We also have a one-tap policy for our trees except for the very largest ones. The generally accepted tapping guidelines of many Maple Associations suggest a second tap can be added at a tree diameter of 16”. We, however, tap more conservatively and only consider a second tap at a 20” diameter or greater. Less than 4% of all our beautiful maple trees have a second tap. We do not have any tree with three taps and would not consider it regardless of the size of the tree.

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