Energy Saving Equipment

reverse-osmosisWe run our sap through a Reverse Osmosis (R.O) machine which takes out 70-80% of the water in the sap BEFORE boiling. The R.O. separates the concentrate which later becomes syrup and the permeate water which is used in our daily cleanup chores. Fuel and time savings are enormous.

Our Wood Burning Gasification evaporator incorporates and uses the most modern wood burning technology. It burns both wood and gases in a double burn process aided by strategically placed blowers that allow for such efficiency that there is virtually no smoke coming out of the smoke stack. Efficiency rates are common in the 82-84% range allowing again for savings in the amount of wood required for the evaporation process.

EvaporatorA Preheater uses the heat from the steam in the flue pan to warm the incoming sap to approximately 150F before it enters the flue pan for processing, again saving about 15% in fuel during this stage of the process.

Steam that rises in the evaporator as a by-product of the evaporator process is partially recaptured in the form of hot water condensation. Daily cleaning operations realize energy savings by re-using our process water.