Local Wood Fired Muskoka Maple Syrup

Why Buy Maple Syrup From Sugarbush Hill

As a family owned and run sugaring operation we do all the preparation and work with pride and caring.  We are totally committed to producing the best quality pure maple syrup and maple products for you, the consumers.

We use only food grade materials and stainless steel equipment for our maple production.  All our maple syrup consumer containers and our stainless steel storage barrels have the exact production date and grade on them so that we know when every litre of Sugarbush Hill maple syrup was produced.

happy-customerMaple is the only food crop that we produce and is done without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  Our maple syrup is also made without any preservatives or additives.  It’s real,…just PURE maple syrup…period.  ALL our valued added maple products are made from scratch.  In other words we do not use products that are already a finished product in our products.  Our value added products and recipes to make them are unique and original to us through much trial and error.  It pleases us greatly to make our value added products with pride and caring.

When you arrive at Sugarbush Hill you are welcome to view our stainless steel maple equipment that produces our maple syrup, this is not always possible in the Maple industry. We also invite you to take a few minutes to stroll through our forest, and see the maples that are the foundation of our sugaring operation.

We understand and appreciate the importance of you as a loyal and repeat customer and how that impacts our economic success.

We offer to you, your family and friends our Sugarbush Hill commitment of quality and purity in all our maple products.

We trust that your “Muskoka Maple” experience will be interesting, educational, and of course, always delicious.

Hope to see you soon


Sugarbush Tom