Sap Time

The City Man drives past and sees the sap pails on the trees, He stops his car and steps outside and sniffs the fragrant breeze, He sees the happy farmers with their Maple trees on tap, He breathes a sigh of envy…but, He’s never gathered sap.   He sees the sled and team come in…it […]


The crows above the woodlot Are out on flapping wings, And in the dooryard maple An early robin sings; Beside the barn the cattle Stand warming in the sun, And it is clear that spring is here And sugaring has begun.   Go yoke the brindle oxen, And get the draw tubs out, The maple […]

Chef Michael Smith With Tom and Pauline of Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm

Chef Michael Smith took a few moments to stop and visit with maple syrup producers Tom and Pauline from Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm Huntsville, On.   The location was at Deerhurst Resort during the “Merry In Muskoka” food event Nov 14-15, 2014.  Michael was very happy to be bringing some of Sugarbush Hill’s very tasty […]


As the grey-wispy smoke upon the hill billows towards the sky. I smell that plesant sweetness, A shanty close by. Cans hanging from the trees as I am passing through, I’ll stop close by the Sugarcamp, As I always do. A jingle of a harness Tells me men are gathering near, Spring syrup seasons come, […]