At Sugarbush Hill we have developed a set of unique and original labels for our farm that represent each of the four grades of maple syrup. These gorgeous labels features animals that are local to the Muskoka District area. Our thoughts and goal was to honour and pay homage to the furry friends that we share our forests with.

We commissioned Melissa Stewart of Hamilton, Ontario to paint our illustrations with maple themed natural settings in mind. As you will see these beautiful illustrations have been created in a light-hearted, almost whimsical manner bringing smiles to the people that have seen them and we hope and trust that they will do the same for you when you visit Sugarbush Hill.

We asked Melissa to place the letters “SBH” (SugarBush Hill) somewhere subtly in each of the pictures. Can you find them?

You’ll see some of Melissa’s work again, who, with her family, are local cottagers. Melissa is in our future plans for another exciting project that is currently under development.



Two deer approach “The Thinking Rock” on the knoll that overlooks Sugarbush Hill. An excited chipmunk is trying to help with directions. The deer are hoping for a golden opportunity to catch the sweet smell of maple wafting through the air. They love the season’s first batches golden with a delicate flavour.



Winter finally has lost its grip on the countryside and spring is just around the corner. Our amber furry friends are celebrating the maple moon season (sugaring season) with lots of lively fiddle music and some good ol’ down to earth square dancing. They love their maple syrup amber coloured (of course) with a rich maple flavour.



Our bruin is up early from his long winters sleep. He has a sweet tooth just like you and me. This robust fellow casts a dark shadow and he likes his maple syrup the same way, dark with a robust flavour.

Maple Syrup Farm in Muskoka


Whether you’re looking into the very dark eyes of Mad Max our mischievous local moose or just cooking with our very dark maple syrup you’ll know that you’ve experienced something very special. So Max, here’s looking at ya! Max loves his maple syrup with a very dark colour and strong flavour