Maple Tin Roofing

 maple tin roofing tilesAt Sugarbush Hill our separate maple kitchen has a truly unique and interesting feature that could easily be one of a kind.

The walls of our maple kitchen are adorned with galvanized tin maple embossed roofing tiles. These tiles were the original roof tiles of a 1908 one room school house near the town of Cobden, Ontario. Cobden is approximately one hour north west of Ottawa.

A few years ago the school house was purchased by a couple interested in converting it to a house with living quarters. One of the first changes they made was to take off the maple roof tiles and replace them with a modern roofing material.

We were very fortunate to be able to secure these tiles and recycle and re-use them on our own maple kitchen walls. They look spectacular!

It should be noted and is of some interest that these maple embossed tiles were originally used 57 years prior to the adoption of the “maple leaf” on Canada’s national flag.
The “Maple Leaf” a big part of our Canadian heritage.